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R.I.P. To My Favorite Lashes :'(

R.I.P. To My Favorite Lashes :'(

It was a sad day at Meira's makeup table...

The Sadness

I was rummaging through my lashes drawer one day looking for the perfect pair of lashes to accompany my look for my friend’s Indian wedding I was attending (look below.)  Through my search, I ended up finding not one but TWO pairs of Iconic lashes by House of Lashes!

Now you may be thinking “Wow Meira it’s just a pair of lashes, relax!” – but let me explain. These lashes are phenomenal. They go with any look, whether you want to add them to a no-eyeliner look or include them in the ultimate glam look. These are the lashes that I constantly reach for (when I can find them of course) and will use them day after day if I have to.

Anywho, I used them for the Indian wedding look and when I was removing the glue from the band, it somehow made one of the lashes snap in half – still a mystery to me how this happened, but needless to say I was sad.  Luckily, I had one more pair which I could reuse for another look (featured below).

This second pair of lashes I had to say bye to as well (insert crying face emoji here.) As I was removing them from my eye after I had completed my look, one of the lashes broke apart in 2 places. SIGH. I thought I would be lucky trying to get another 3 pack for the Memorial Day weekend sale HOL was having, but to my dismay they were all sold out. Either way, here are the looks I created below & if you are shopping around for some new lashes, I highly recommend House of Lashes ‘Iconics’!

The Looks

Look 1 - Indian Wedding

Photo 2016-05-22, 7 05 56 PM
Photo 2016-05-23, 9 53 35 PM

Look 2 - NYX Glitter Pigments

Photo 2016-06-01, 10 18 42 PM
Photo 2016-05-28, 11 09 49 PM

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