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Product Review: NYX Cosmetics Glitter Pigments

Product Review: NYX Cosmetics Glitter Pigments

Time for my first product review!

Lately I’ve been loving playing with different colours and getting my hands into new products. Since NYX sent us 2 pounds of makeup a few weeks ago, this was the perfect opportunity to do just that. The package they sent included a Glitter Primer & 3 Glitter Pigments – Teal, Blue & Crystal. Now, this is my first time ever playing with glitter pigments so I was a mixture of excited & nervous (primarily due to the fact that I know myself and I know how much this glitter would get ALLLLLL over my face!)

The first look I did was using the Teal glitter pigment and going for a bit of a bold glitter smokey eye in a sense. First thing I learned – the glitter primer is ESSENTIAL. Without it, the glitter won’t stick, it will look patchy and no bueno – so glitter primer is a must.

I was really happy with how it turned out and it’s definitely a wearable look for a night out without feeling way too overdone. I wish I put a little bit more glitter on to be honest, but whatevs…next time.

The second look I tried was a bold glitter cut crease using the glitter pigment in ‘Crystal’. Initially, I wasn’t going to leave my house because it was literally a party on my face and I was very apprehensive to walk around in public looking like a walking disco ball. Feedback on the look was great, but I would definitely save this look for my birthday or New Years for sureeeeeeeee.

I loved how bold this look was, the only thing I’ll remember to do in the future is to put more Glitter Primer near the crease and seriously pack the pigment on. For some reason it was transferring above my crease which was annoying as hell.

Taking the glitter off was an experience in itself. I took a makeup wipe and started rubbing it off, then it ended up going all over my face and it was sparkling left, right and centre (I still have some on my face, my gosh!) Anyways, to take it off I would recommend soaking a cotton swab with eye makeup remover and leaving it on your eye for a minute or two before removing to avoid having the product go everywhere.

Great product – definitely recommend! Have fun with it!


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