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How To: Winged Eyeliner

How To: Winged Eyeliner

“I’m just winging it. My eyeliner. My life. Everything.”

Gah. Eyeliner. Either your best friend or your worst nightmare. It took me a while to master my current method and figure out what I liked best for my eye shape. Since I have big almond-shaped eyes, a sharp winged liner not only elongates them but also makes them kind of alluring, especially when paired with lashes. This is hands-down my go to way of doing my eyeliner, whether it’s daytime or nighttime.

I’ve tried eyeliner pencils, liquid liner and different variations of applying them, but I’m much more comfortable with gel liner.  I’ve tried MAC’s Pro Longwear Blacktrack Fluidline, Sephora’s Gel Liner, Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Gel Liner, & Maybelline’s Gel Liner as well – while they are all great formula’s, my favourite is Inglot’s AMC Gel Liner 77  – it’s incredibly creamy and lasts for hours without smudging.

Tip: If you find your gel liner has dried out a bit, infuse it with 1-2 drops of Inglot’s Duraline and you’ll have beautiful, creamy liner again!

The brush I use is the 2/0 Detail brush which I actually picked up at Michael’s (the arts & crafts store!) Sidenote: if you’re looking for inexpensive makeup brushes, browse their brush section and see what you can find, I found a few that I can’t do without! The bristles on this particular brush are longer and help glide the liner along the eyelid easier.

I always find it easier to start from the outer corner of my eye, close to my lash line and sweep the brush up towards the tail-end of my brow. Then, create a triangle shape (obtuse, acute … I’m not sure, but I know my geometry teacher would be hella disappointed) towards the inner part of your eye. Keep filling in until you have the desired thickness you are trying to achieve. If you find your liner isn’t as black as you’d like it to be, I go over it with some black eyeshadow to darken it and help lengthen the durability of my eyeliner as I wear it.

Tip: Use small strokes with the brush when starting out (even with pencil!) to ensure the line is as precise as possible!

After this is complete, I clean up the edges with concealer by using an angled brush – this will help give you the sharp wing!


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