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Fenty Beauty by Rihanna – Face Product Review

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna – Face Product Review


The anticipation surrounding the launch of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna this past month has been absolutely insane. From the fact that she was releasing snippets and teasers of what the products would be to marketing campaigns including diverse models of varying backgrounds, it was an incredibly suspenseful launch – in a good way. I think this one was especially different because influencers didn’t receive PR packages prior to the launch, so you couldn’t tell what was being released beforehand which definitely increased the suspense.

Come launch day, I knew 12 a.m. Pacific Standard Time is 3AM in Toronto for me – since I need my beauty sleep I decided to wake up in the morning and see what I could grab. I decided to order the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer.  the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation in Shade 220 and the Match Stix Trio, which comes with a contour stick, highlight stick, and shimmer stick. Again, this is me restraining myself from ordering the entire collection when I really should just chill with all my makeup purchases.

All in all the products came out to around $150 CAD, which wasn’t a huge pain in my wallet. I was colour matched automatically for the foundation using my existing Sephora profile, but typically I like to go in-store to test out if the colour & texture actually works for my skin.


Overall, impressive. Very different than typical packaging we’re used to although the glass bottles of the foundation & primer have me a little worried that I’m going to drop them and be swimming in a gigantic makeup mess. They vibe is modern, chic and very Rihanna.  The Contour and highlight sticks kinda remind me of the KKW Beauty sticks (Kim Kardashian’s makeup line) in terms of the muted nude colour. The main difference would be the shape, I like how they’re hexagonal (I hope they are, I didn’t do well in Geometry) as opposed to the regular circular packaging we’re used to. I love that they’re magnetic and that they stick together easily, however when they’re detached they magnetize to everything else on my makeup table – all aboard the struggle bus!


Moving on to actual product itself, I’ve given myself about a week to fully try them out to see how they work with my skin. What drew me to this line the most (moreover than the fact that it was Rihanna’s makeup line) was that she made the face products for normal to oily skin types. This is a true test for me because I’m HELLA oily throughout the day – legit, if you through a potato at my face you would come out with a fresh batch of fries. I’m always looking for a really good, longwear matte foundation so for me this was a must try.

The primer is a nice thick, creamy consistency doing a great job of moisturizing and prepping the skin for the products used thereafter. If I had to compare it to another primer in terms of texture and longevity, it would be most related to Hourglass’ Mineral Veil Primer which is one of my favourites.

The Match Stix Trio wasn’t my favourite – I decided to purchase the colours Bamboo, Trippin & Mocha. Bamboo was a little dry and patchy and took a little bit of time to blend into the skin. I’m used to using either Nars Creamy Conceaeler in Ginger or Tarte Shape Tape in Medium, so the consistency was much different than what I’m used to. The contour stick, Mocha, blended out beautifully so no problems there. Wasn’t a fan of Trippin (shimmer stick) because it was orange and kind of blotchy on my skin. Maybe it was the colour that was off-putting, who knows.

The foundation was a little too light in terms of colour upon application, but as I continuously blended in and then applied the Match Stix over top of it, it actually turned out to work with my skintone. It does dry matte so if your skin tends to be on the dry side, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the foundation at all. Also just an FYI, it has a bit of a vanilla scent to it which was a bit surprising but not overwhelmingly off-putting.

Does it REALLY Control Oil?!

In terms of oil control it’s done a better job than my daily foundation I reach for (L’Oreal Infallible Matte).  I noticed that if I blend in my foundation how I normally do by adding a couple drops of Rosehip Seed Oil (main ingredient found in FarsaliCare if you use that) into my Beauty Blender, it changed the colour and consistency of the foundation to be patchy and darker than what it should be. Since it didn’t sit well on my skin with the oil, I stuck to using a buffing brush and blending it out with a damp Beauty Blender (no oil) to reach a flawless, matte consistency.

In my Instagram vid at the very bottom of this blog, I decided not to pack any translucent powder over top of the foundation just because I wanted to see how to finish was without it – it it does control the oil and does blend beautifully together, however I did notice after about an hour the oil started to shine through. Over my week long test of using the foundation, it seems necessary to use some type of translucent powder or face powder in general.

Final Verdict

All in all I would give the products I’ve tried an 8 out of 10.  I would definitely purchase the Primer and Foundation again. The contour sticks and highlighting sticks leaves a little to be desired but overall the application was mediocre.  I’m not sure if I will buy any of the other products from the line other than the blotting papers because they just didn’t really scream to me, however I am looking forward to the new launch of the Fenty Beauty Holiday Collection. I am overall impressed with the products that I did try.

Let me know which ones you tried by connecting with me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat and I will be more than happy to discuss your thoughts!!

SIDENOTE: Was just featured among 39 other beautiful faces on Buzzfeed showcasing the different colour ranges for the foundation. If you’ve been trying to see which foundation would best suit your skin, definitely check out this list!

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✨ FENTY FACE ✨ Quick vid trying out my new @fentybeauty purchases. I initially thought the Foundation was too light for me but somehow magically matches perfectly with my skintone? Also my Match Stix keep magnetizing to everything on my makeup table ?? Full review and opinions coming shortly to the blog & Youtube! (Also my camera settings were over-sharpened when recording, whoopsies!??‍♀️) ? @badgalriri @sephoracanada @bretmansvanity @beautyandhairdiaries @peachyqueenblog @allmodernmakeup _____________ ✨ Soft Matte Pro Filt’r Primer ✨ Foundation Shade 220 ✨ Match Stix in Bamboo, Mocha & Trippin! ✨ @doseofcolors @desiperkins @katy Fuego Highlight _____________ #lashbosses #lashboss #toronto #fentybeauty #rihanna #makeupmafia #makeupvideos #tutorial #tutorials #blendthatshit #1minutemakeup #sephora #allmodernmakeup #bretmansvanity #makeup #badgalriri #fenty #rihannafenty #makeuptutorialsx0x #beautyandhairdiaries #wakeupandmakeup #makeupvideo

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